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Parish Gap

Four performers who really know how to put on a show. It’s hard to put Parish Gap into one genre, as they love music too much to settle for just one style. With endless variety, there is something for everyone. They play timeless hits with original songs that really are original. Their energetic stage presence… Read more »

Red Thunder

A dance band for all occasions.

The Survivors

Red Thunder

A dance band for all occasions.

Coupe de Ville

One of the Pacific Northwest’s truly Classic Variety Bands specializing in rock-solid danceable music entertainment. As the name implies, Coupe de Ville has its roots firmly planted in the classic rock eras of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. From Doo- Wop to Rockabilly; Elvis to ZZ Top, this band covers all of the artists… Read more »

Rick Miller Band

Hot Country Music

Jen & The Generators

Jen and the Generators performs rock, pop, oldies, and a little bit of everything else. The band has a long history, formerly known as Riffle, and has evolved over decades. The current iteration is still as committed as ever to providing the tunes that make you want to groove. Now let’s rock!